Vampire Squid Labs

East End Bicycle Opera

Vampire Squid Labs is joining forces with Nameless Sound and Bicrophonic Research Institute to bring a unique bike riding experience to the Houston’s East End area. In a collaboration with East End residents, writers, musicians, children, programmers, builders and technicians to create Bicycle Opera East End.

Sonic Bicycles are bicycles equipped with speakers that react to GPS coordinates. Cyclists create a sonic composition that will change depending on where they go and how fast they pedal. Hidden sounds will seduce the cyclist to ride faster, slower, stop, spin in circles, cruise paths seeking sonic treasures, or pause in the shadows to find quiet spots for listening. Bicycles will be available for public use indefinitely at Ripley House.

Vampire Squid Labs and Nameless Sound are currently hosting a class at the Ripley House to teach kids about music, sound, amplifiers, GPS, electronics and finally lead the students through the construction of a sonic bicycle.